July 8


Nite Ride Logos

Since 1994 the N.I.T.E. Ride, Navigate Indy This Evening, has been cruising through the streets of Indianapolis at night. The event attracted 600 riders in the first year and has grown to over 3000 riders. The N.I.T.E. Ride is organized by the Central Indiana Bicycling Association and it's many volunteers.

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Mission Statement

To promote bicycling for fun, fitness, commuting, and touring.

N.I.T.E. Ride Contacts:

N.I.T.E. Ride Managing Director: niteride@cibaride.org

N.I.T.E. Ride Volunteer Coordinator: niteride@cibaride.org

N.I.T.E. Ride Sponsorships Coordinator: niteride@cibaride.org

N.I.T.E. Ride Webmaster: rsdesign@ieee.org

Phone: 317-693-4700

N.I.T.E. Ride on Facebook

N.I.T.E. Ride on Twitter

Central Indiana Bicycling Association: www.cibaride.com

N.I.T.E. Ride Committee:

Event Director: Renea Gates

Route & Safety: Brian Lambert

Volunteer Coordinator: Bill Linhart

Dinner Ride: Stephanie Patterson

Website Coordinator: Randy Schmucker

Bicycle Garage Indy Liaison: Connie Szabo Schmucker

Committee Member: John South

Rest Stop Coordinator: Jyoti Verderame

Onsite Registration Lead: Marc Walter

Treasurer: Tim Zumbaugh